Partner Track Academy is open to outdoor workshops or retreats. Below are our most requested workshops but we can customize to your needs. All workshop themes can be leveraged for keynote speeches.  

The Big Event: Before, During and After (1.5 Hours) 

Who should take this course: Everyone! It's a fun, interactive workshop perfect for young lawyers and accountants who are just starting to attend industry events. It's also a great refresher for seasoned professionals.                      

What is covered: 

  •    How to prepare for an event.
  •    How to work the room and escalate conversations for information gathering.
  •    Best practices for following-up.
  •    How to prioritize and choose to attend or produce/sponsor events that matter. 


Partner Track Academy (2.5 Hours)

Who should take this course: Between second and ninth-year law firm associates or fourth to tenth-year managers/senior managers at accounting/consulting firms.

What is covered: (Workbook included)

  • Understanding the difference between marketing and biz dev
  • Basics of networking/leveraging your firm’s (or your own) CRM
  • Basics of firm branding/self-branding
  • Differentiators and value propositions
  • Tracking progress and ROI
  • Basics of leveraging social media

Lean In and Sell (2.0 hours)

Who should take this course: Women accountants and lawyers who want to understand how to integrate business development into their schedules, leverage personal goals and interests for business development success and expand client relationships organically and with integrity.

What is covered: (Workbook and time management analysis included)

  • Maximizing networking
  • Leveraging your firm’s CRM
  • Understanding your own time management style
  • Taking ownership of your calendar
  • Distinguishing users from buyers
  • Making the most of social media and leveraging firm branding
  • Leveraging consultative selling to expand relationships

Business Development Leadership (2.5 hours)

Who should take this course: Newly elected partners, new lateral hires, ten-year accounting senior managers and beyond or senior law firm associates expecting partnership admission in the next two years.

What is covered: (Client team start-up tools and client feedback surveys provided)

  • Account-centric consultative selling for bypassing procurement
  • Fully leveraging centers of influence
  • Tracking progress and ROI
  • Creating relevant thought leadership with a call to action
  • Driving cross-selling initiatives, client teams
  • Developing specific functional/industry-related products and services
  • Motivating others to sell


  • Courses range from one and one-half hours to two and one-half hours in length.
  • Each workshop may allow up to nine students.
  • Each course includes a pre-evaluation call and a follow-up call afterwards with marketing leadership, and/or managing partner(s), and/or practice group leader(s).
  • Course fees differ per length and additional travel costs.

Other Services 

  • Interim CMO/CBDO support to restructure and re-engineer a marketing department so that it also provides sales and sales support services.
  • Facilitate and speak at partner retreats, firm conferences, or practice group meetings.
  • Monthly monitoring workshops which provide supplementary follow-up, tracking, and interactive discussion for firm students who have taken one of Partner Track Academy’s workshops.

All workshops can be offered as a thirty or forty-five minute keynote speech.