Individual Coaching

Partner Track Academy is not accepting new clients. We hope our website content will still provide value in numerous ways. The core purpose of Partner Track Academy has always been to help individuals on their journey to partnership by creating and bolstering an effective business development plan. 

Partner Track Academy’s Approach:

  • ​Assessment of current status within the firm and industry group.
  • Assessment of current business development skills and a plan for addressing developmental gaps.
  • Assessment of profile, social media status.
  • Customized self-tracker and individual marketing plan.
  • Interactive discussion on sales techniques and developing high-impact relationships including practice sessions for pitches.
  • Guidance concerning integration with firm leadership/management and assistance in credentialing successes to present to decision-makers within the firm.
  • On-going insights into how to prioritize, follow-up, and get credit for new introductions, new service line ideas, and sales.
  • An empathetic ear and words of wisdom when demands seem unrealistic.

Tangible Takeaways:

  • ​Self-tracker/ROI metrics (like having your own personal Client Relationship Management database)
  • Suggested targets
  • Recommended reading list
  • Creation of personal value proposition/elevator pitch (and advice on when and when not to use them)

Intangible Takeaways:

  • ​Increased ability to demonstrate value to clients
  • Improved habits concerning networking and tracking activity
  • Increased awareness of accountability and follow-up
  • Better understanding of consultative selling
  • Increased ability to fully leverage and re-purpose firm support/existing branding
  • Increased ability to promote successes internally
  • More efficient targeting with a better ability to integrate business development into your work/life demands