About Your Coach

Brenda Pontiff founded Partner Track Academy after years of watching young accountants and lawyers panic over business development expectations related to making partner. So often firms’ marketing staff members are not trained to support non-partners’ revenue generation efforts or they simply do not have the bandwidth to do so. This missing component can be filled through individual, customized coaching and periodic workshops and classes that provide tools, tips, and best practices that lead to improved networking habits, client satisfaction, revenue growth, and ultimately, a coveted seat at the partners’ table.

Brenda has:

  • More than 25 years in accounting and law firm sales and marketing.
  • Sold services on behalf of an AmLaw 100 firm, exceeding sales and new client acquisition goals for almost eight years.
  • Created a new sales process for a Big Four accounting firm, taking revenues from zero to $3.7 MM in the first year.
  • Led a Big Four sales support team during the demise of Arthur Andersen, winning 67% of the regional client base while competing against three other international accounting firms.
  • Maintained a 100% success rate while working as a Big Four global strategist to retain critical, at-risk clients.
  • Created a cross-selling client team that increased an AmLaw 200 firm’s revenue by $900,000 through one pitch meeting.
  • Spoken frequently at association events regarding account planning and account-centric methodologies.
  • Worked as a professional stand-up comic, writer, and actress, winning several national awards.

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